Thursday, June 9, 2011

What a Wonderful World

Wind River Canyon
Yesterday morning, I took my travel to Lander, Wyoming. I looked out the window as we drove, and I couldn't help but notice the beauty that surrounded me. We passed through the Wind River Canyon, and the walls of the cliffs on either side trumpeted the magnificence of God's creation. The words of Louis Armstrong filled my mind and I thought, "What a wonderful world."

In a time where iniquity does abound, the love of man is waxing cold, and there are many wars and rumors of wars, we can find peace and joy. Just take a minute and rediscover the majesty of the earth, and how beautiful it really is. Every place on this earth has a beauty all of it's own. As we reminisce we truly feel the power of God's love for us, for he truly does love us.
Sinks Canyon- Lander, Wyoming

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